Hanging on, hanging out.

We are now deep into this global pandemic.  Knee deep, butt deep and eventually, though not very long I fear, over our heads.  Yesterday was three days (I think) in a row where America recorded 50,000+ new cases.  As it stands over 11 million people worldwide have been diagnosed.  The USofA is fast approaching 3 million and my home state has over 63,000 cases with 3170 deaths.  It’s hard not to get depressed when a good portion of my fellow citizens don’t care enough to wear a mask in public.  But America’s rugged individuality will be our downfall.  That and Karma taking a big bite out of our greedy ass.

My husband finally made it home after 4 months halfway across the world working.  When and if he will go back is very much up in the air.  It’s quite possible it will be a long time before Americans are welcomed to travel to other countries and as much of a hardship as it will likely cause, it’s not like we can be trusted.

So, I shall keep on keeping on, as all of you will I am sure.  I have finished a quilt I have been working on for a year.  And have lots of baking projects and sewing projects.  Trying to figure out what I want to do with the majority of my time.  Something constructive and useful and with my stamp on it.  All suggestions welcome.  Thinking lotions and potions, sewn goodies like masks and dream pillows, candles and such.

Really just wanted to touch base – I have been lackadaisical in writing.  Will try to do better.  I promise less pity and more pith next post. Until then I am