Christmas Cakes

It’s that time of the year again…I know you have seen this recipe before.  From me.  But bear with me.  I am figuring out this new blog format and trying to figure out how to make recipes printable. 

“Isn’t that a fruitcake?” asked husband.  “No, people don’t like fruitcake.  These are going to be Christmas Cakes.  BIG difference.  One is edible, one is not.” I tell him.  “Oh, so it’s a different recipe?” he asks.  “No, same recipe.  Different outcome.”

You all know what I mean don’t you?  You can call something one thing and it not be good at all.  Rename it and there you go!  Success!

Anyway, I do know a few people who LOVE fruitcake.  Good fruitcake.  Not bought fruitcake.  Me being one of those people.  OH! Excuse me, I meant Christmas Cake.  I LOVE Christmas Cake. Please do not assume you don’t like Christmas Cake (or fruitcake, if you insist on calling them this!) because you don’t like the store-bought variety. They are NOT one and the same. Bought Christmas cakes contain that awful candied cherry and citron mixture that not only is not tasty but hard as rocks sometimes. This recipe I am about to give you is easy as can be.


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Welcome friends, old and new!

Remember that great blog I use to have? In a life I used to live long, long ago in a little green house far, far away? Yeah, me too. Vaguely. I am no longer NotQuiteJuneCleaver. I haven’t been for a while. Which is how things go – life changes us, our circumstances. What rarely changes is our interests. At least not all of them. I no longer garden. I don’t even mow! But I still love to bake, cook, sew, quilt and talk about baking, cooking, sewing and quilting. And my family. You will see a bit about them here too.

So, here I go again, just launched and I’d love to have some of y’all follow me again. And invite a friend you think might like some of the same things. I thought maybe the holidays would be a good time to start.

Recipes will be forthcoming. If you followed NotQuiteJuneCleaver, you might recognize some of them. During the holidays I tend to not introduce The Family into anything new. That could conceivably result in a mutiny.

So, again, welcome! See you all again very soon!

With warmest regards,