Welcome friends, old and new!

Remember that great blog I use to have? In a life I used to live long, long ago in a little green house far, far away? Yeah, me too. Vaguely. I am no longer NotQuiteJuneCleaver. I haven’t been for a while. Which is how things go – life changes us, our circumstances. What rarely changes is our interests. At least not all of them. I no longer garden. I don’t even mow! But I still love to bake, cook, sew, quilt and talk about baking, cooking, sewing and quilting. And my family. You will see a bit about them here too.

So, here I go again,¬†JustPlainSusan.com¬†just launched and I’d love to have some of y’all follow me again. And invite a friend you think might like some of the same things. I thought maybe the holidays would be a good time to start.

Recipes will be forthcoming. If you followed NotQuiteJuneCleaver, you might recognize some of them. During the holidays I tend to not introduce The Family into anything new. That could conceivably result in a mutiny.

So, again, welcome! See you all again very soon!

With warmest regards,


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