Today is a very important turning point for all of us.

I have no illusions that it will be a “new leaf”.  But it may indeed be a new “old” world – like the dark ages. Famine, pestilence, religious rule.  Personally, I am afraid.  Afraid if one candidate wins that it will be the end of the world as we know it.  Afraid if the other wins that it will be civil unrest like we have never seen in our lifetime.

For me the whole decision boiled down to matters of decency, integrity, truth, honor, self-sacrifice and service.  I thought it was a simple decision.  I have been disappointed in so many people I thought I knew.  But the message is clear.  And you really can’t make people care about others.  You really can’t instill values in adults.  They aren’t going to see the truth.  They are going to pick someone that represents them. So we shall see in the coming days, weeks and months how it all shakes out.  Even if the person with more of the qualities I seek in a person wins we are still living amongst those who don’t value integrity, loyalty, decency and honor.  They may not be racist, homophobic, treasonous or xenophobic, but those things aren’t deal-breakers either.  That’s been hard to accept.

VOTE like your life depends on it.  It does.

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