All gong and no dinner.

That should be my tagline, title of my life’s story, etc, etc, etc.

I think it is safe to admit now that I have been in a fairly deep depression for over a year.  It really started to weigh me down when Covid-19 came on the scene guns blazing.  I am not any less depressed, but I am able to talk about it.  I think.

The 4 months I spent 99% of my time alone was rougher than I said. I tried very hard to count my blessings. I think possibly it is just now catching up to me.  I haven’t felt this anxious in many years and honestly, am not pleased about it.

So…what am I doing about this funk?  Not enough if I am honest, but I have started to put together the quilt top I have been making hexies for.  This should keep me occupied for a while.

The husband and I are house hunting, which should be fun, but is excruciating.  I think we might be onto something, but not to the stage I care to talk about it.  That’s another story for another day. Remodeling will give me something to talk about, right?  Until then I am…


Quilt Top Progress!

Happy to see so many pieces sewn together.  Taking a break while my hands spring back to life! I might finish this quilt top for Sully after all! I am still in love with the colors and plan to get the top made and then have it quilted at a local quilt shop.  My old arthritic fingers won’t allow me to hand quilt, I’m afraid.  I’m enjoying a bit of uninterrupted sewing time while my husband is in school and I am hold-up in a hotel during the day. It’s nice to spend our evenings together, eating out and lots of good conversations.  

Until next time, I am

my favorite apron pattern

I have made several aprons in this style. Some for me. Some for sale. Back in the day, in another life I had a fairly brisk business of making soaps, aprons and other cool things.This is by far my favorite apron to wear (and sew). I would love to get back into some sort of similar business venture (sans soap) if the future allows. This pattern can be purchased from Friends Patterns.

This latest one is made from a medium weight 100% cotton duck. The care instructions say dry clean but please…I washed it and dried it and it’s soft and lovely! The only real change I made in the pattern was putting only one pocket. I contemplated putting a “hammer loop” to hang a dish rag from but then forgot about it. Still may add it. It seems like a good idea.

Until next time, I am